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Bridges II

Global Furniture Group’s Bridges II is here. A complete furnishing system for the entire office, Bridges II synthesizes all of the different realms within the modern workplace and unifies them with the thoughtful and coherent designs included in the collection. From reception areas to private offices, open plan work zones to collaborative areas, Benches II spans all and has been designed to assist in connection and engagement throughout the office. Featuring both freestanding and integrated seating, benching and desking of many kinds, workstation furniture, and many more pieces that integrate together through harmonious and unified design, Bridges II communicates thorough style and organization all across the workplace. The use of layering provides varying levels of privacy and space definition throughout, and abundant storage options are featured to make sure all areas are properly able to grow. A very large amount of specifications exist to ensure the most suitable design for your business’ identity- the vast array of pieces are offered in many different materials, finishes, upholstery options and more to make certain the Bridges II look and feel you select represents your firm’s style perfectly and stays suitable for a long time. Timeless, organized, sharp, and complete- Bridges II can elevate your office into new levels of greatness and we look forward to the opportunity to help design something excellent.



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