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National Office Furniture’s WaveWorks is one of the most successful collections of professional office furnishings to ever be released. Now in 2024, WaveWorks is still growing and even more capable than ever to transform your firm with incredible variety and coherent design. Big or small, WaveWorks has the ability to find the right pieces for your office- from huge, established firms with open-plan set-ups to brand new, small start-ups, WaveWorks delivers. Lounge areas, cafe zones, educational environments, hospitality settings, conference rooms and so much more, the ‘seemingly infinite’ array of casegoods, seating options, shelving, storage, partitions, etc. within WaveWorks is sure to satisfy any and every furnishing possibility in your space. Long established but never stronger than now, WaveWorks is one of the longest running collections in the commercial furnishing game for a reason. Take a moment to explore the collection- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you. 


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