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Cube 300

Group Lacasse’s Arold label presents Cube 300- the newest version of the extremely successful and well established collection of office furnishings. Cube 300 continues the legacy of Cube editions before it by adding even more components to better furnish your entire office. Open-plan spaces, private offices, lounge areas, collaborative zones and more can all benefit from the unified design that Cube 300 offers. Many different kinds of seating, shelving, tables, and space partitions are offered in the collection- offering a design harmony across your entire professional environment due to Cube's coherent look. Firms both large and small can all benefit from the scalable flexibility that Cube 300 provides- and the finishes, laminates, and upholstery specifications are nearly limitless, ensuring a look to match the style and aesthetics of your firm. Take a moment to explore the collection's depth, and when you’re ready, we look forward to an opportunity to design something great with you and Lacasse’s Cube 300.


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