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Scandinavian Space’s Skandiform label introduces Lola- a beautiful new series of guest and dining seating that can complete a variety of different environments. Lola’s unique silhouette is immediately captivating- the nontraditionally upholstered seat commands attention. Designed by Margot Barolo, Lola’s ergonomic design and exceptional comfort has already earned it an Interior Design Magazine Best of 2023 Award, and the chair is specifiable in many bold and energetic powder coated steel selections and in many neutral, muted, and subtle forms as well. With this kind of design versatility, Lola is perfect for a wide variety of environments- all around your office, within your firm’s lounge areas, congregated spaces such as cafes and restaurants and even in your home. Take a moment to explore Lola’s design, and imagine what it might bring to your spaces. When you’re ready we look forward to bringing Lola to you. 


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