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10 Tech Trends that are Redefining the Business World: Part 3

Our “A” line of office furniture, Knoll, has come up with another great insight into today’s work environment. They have noted 10 Tech Trends that are Redefining the Business World. In this post we are going to look at two of these trends: personal teleconferencing and dynamic mobile presentations.

Personal Teleconferencing

From the report:

“Throughout the past decade, telepresence technologies – basically, big screens with cameras attached to them – have promised to transform the way teams collaborate across long distances by offering immersive, high-definition face-to-face meetings. While some large enterprises have invested heavily in the technology, telepresence never really went mainstream in a big way, mainly because of its expense and technical complexity. At the same time, personal teleconferencing has permeated the tech landscape as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and nearly every other major technology company have integrated features that take advantages of the cameras built into every laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Where professional telepresence was restrictively costly and difficult to implement, personal teleconferencing is easy and often free. As a result, it’s now commonplace to see coworkers jump on a Google Hangout or Skype session to conduct a quick meeting.”


Dynamic Mobile Presentations

From the report:

“If you really want to convey your brilliance to a crowd, skip the usual round of fumbling with power cords and long procession of static slides. A new wave of presentation tools like Prezi, GoAnimate, and Sliderocket are making presentations interesting again with cool animations and unique approaches to the flow of information.

Get right to the point by punching a URL into any connected device and fire up your presentation on the fly, or simply whip out your iPad to showcase your work anywhere with SlideShare.”

What it means for you

It is easier than ever to communicate with co-workers, vendors and clients both in person and remotely. Technology is making it easier and simpler to be the best communicator you can be.

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