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Troupe Stools + Benches

Versteel’s successful Troupe collection of tables has grown with the addition of new seating- introducing Troupe Stools + Benches. From the same QDesign Studios responsible for the tables, Troupe Stools + Benches feature a similar beauty found by contrasting natural woodgrain elements with formed steel legs. Modern with a craftsman aesthetic, Troup Stools + Benches offer a perfect pairing with Troup tables. A collection filled with enough variety for your firm’s needs, Troup Stools are offered in three different heights and with the option of an upholstered seat- so you and your clients can perch at a variety of different stances, from meeting areas to collaborative zones, cafes, and more. Troup Benches are specifiable in three different lengths as well, allowing the seating to perfectly serve the environment you place them in. Take a moment to explore the wide-ranging possibilities of Troupe Seating, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing this collection to you.


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