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KFI Studios present us with Voodoo- a wonderful series of tables and stools inspired by the aesthetics found within timber lofts. Designed by Q Design for KFI Studios, Voodoo tables and stools feature a combination of different materials that balance out visually- the warm, soft woodgrains featured pair with the with cold, hard metal accents to produce a pleasing, organic yet industrial visual presentation. Perfect for open plan environments and collaborative settings alike, Voodoo tables and stools both feature tapered wooden legs that meet an H-shaped metal footrest beneath, which provides ergonomic support while also adding an interesting and functional lateral metal accent to the base of the table and stool. The Voodoo table’s top offers a large, bright surface that brings a clean, minimalist atmosphere to the workplace, and the Voodoo stool’s molded shell that cradles the seat pad brings extra material texture and support to the great design. Paired together, Voodoo tables and stools and their offered stain and material options can inspire your space with a calming yet rigid ambiance that is sure to inspire great work within your firm- and we look forward to designing something great with you and KFI’s Voodoo.



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