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Long-established experts of commercial furnishings OFS released the Staks Collection many years ago, and it has remained one of the best, most versatile, comprehensive suites of thoughtfully designed pieces and casegoods since. Now, Staks have been revisited with a few new features and options, renewing its mainstay status while enhancing its capabilities with some new features such as beautifully curved surfaces and new leg designs. A huge reason that Staks has been so popular in so many different environments is because of its balance of furniture and negative space- people are able to move about their spaces and interact with them in a way that feels unforced and adaptable. The wide variety of worksurface and storage options all feature light design lines that invite and facilitate productivity by promoting the ability to move around and experience variety within the workplace, proven behaviors that increase productivity, promote an improved quality of life, and reduce fatigue. Stak’s extremely vast potential to transform the entire office environment into a much different feeling place has never been more possible- with so many customizable options, we look forward to helping design something wonderful with you.



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