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OFS’ Carolina label presents a new and exciting seating solution- Sorta. Quickly making waves through the industry, Sorta has already achieved a couple of prestigious accolades as a Winner of a Silver Award at this year’s NeoCon and winner of an Interior Design 2022 HiP Award. Designed by Henner Jahns, Sorta features a very modern and exciting silhouette- it’s innovative and versatile design can assist in a variety of different environments. Education, healthcare, and office settings can all benefit from Sorta’s flexibility- it can arrive to whatever task is happening and the back can be specified in wood or a softer foam. Leaning back on the support while engaging with another person, using the support as an armrest in a classroom, leaning forward to straddle the back, and more- all positions are hosted by Sorta’s brilliant design. Available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and finishes, Sorta can be specified in many different looks, ensuring design harmony with your firm’s existing style. Take a moment to explore the innovative style, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing Sorta to you.


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