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Rowen Lounge

OFS have recently expanded their impressive Rowen collection by offering Rowen lounge seating. Designed by Brian Graham to complement the existing Rowen tables, storage, and benches, Rowen lounge pieces are a suite of soft, comfortable, and inviting designs that excel in balancing form with function. Featuring large, attractively plush cushions that promote relaxation, Rowen’s sleek, thin legs offer an agility of form that achieves a harmony of sophistication and long lasting, residentially inspired comfort. Offered in an impressive, great looking variety of fabrics and textures, Rowen lounge pieces can be specified with an equally dynamic array of wood, metal, and laminate accents, ensuring a perfect fit with the existing aesthetics of your firm. Browse the excellent, calming Rowen collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and Rowen lounge.


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