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OFS’ furniture mastery continues with Rowen- a beautiful addition to their impressive lounge offerings. Designed by Brian Graham, Rowen’s plush silhouette provides inviting warmth and beauty while conveying modern sophistication and lightness through the contour of its thin legs. By combining the diverse approaches of relaxation and focus, Rowen is able to provide a calming atmosphere while maintaining refined visual strength and sharpened elegance. Available in many different models, Rowen can be specified in one, two, or three seated versions, and also in a suite of benches and sectionals. A huge variety of materials and upholstery choices are present- from supple, rustic leather options to cozy felt and wool fabrics that mimic the calming aspects that home furnishings offer. Architecturally modeled metal legs can be specified, as can wooden legs made from many different and beautiful woodgrains. Combined with other Rowen collections such as excellent storage cabinets, bookcases, and credenzas, your interior spaces can greatly benefit from this versatile, thoughtful collection. We look forward to the opportunity to help bring Rowen to you.



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