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New for 2022 are SitOnIt’s Parallon tables- a collection of tables that offer great looking and practical solutions for a variety of purposes. Parallon offers classic, streamlined tables for many of the common activities around the office- training, collaboration, dining areas, and small peer to peer meeting spaces, to name a few. Parallon also can be specified in many occasional table sizes, creating the perfect functional surface for side areas and in-between spaces. This collection was designed to provide an easy way to furnish your entire office- all of it’s zones unified with a clean and coherent look. With dozens of laminate options, powder coated choices, and additional features on some models such as flip tops and internal power sources, Parallon is ready to transform your environment with a simple yet refined aesthetic that will remain timeless and in style. Take a moment to check out what Parallon can offer your firm, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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