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From Indiana Furniture comes Natta, “a small collection with big possibilities.” Natta means ‘to chat,’ so fittingly, this suite of meeting space furniture offers great looking spaces for your team to share ideas and for your guests to interact with each other. Featuring both small and large benches, low and high meeting tables and stools, Natta’s crisp lines and strong yet unassuming form can bring a lot to your environment. Ideally suited for everything from meeting areas and conference zones, to cafe areas, libraries, and more, Natta’s versatility is a prominent characteristic of the multi-use collection. A wide expanse of beautiful woodgrains, finishes, laminates, and upholstery options are offered to ensure Natta’s seamless integration with your firm’s style- take a moment to explore the collection and imagine what it might add to your professional space. When you’re ready, we look forward to an opportunity to bring Natta to you.


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