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The chair experts SitOnIt have designed a new masterpiece- presenting Ioniq. Featuring a beautiful combination of both form and function, Ioniq’s spectacular design is matched by its ergonomic excellence- it’s sculpted shell design cradles the user and offers lasting comfort. Ioniq’s arms are part of the chair itself, and this one piece design offers luxurious lumbar support and as well as a breathable back. Matching the minimal silhouette of the chair, the mechanism has also been streamlined to offer an elegant take on its adjustment features- providing design continuity and allowing the profile of the chair to maintain its generally light design. Ioniq is highly customizable too- over 15,000 fabric choices are available- and the base is offered in many different styles as well. SitOnIt’s understanding of what makes a chair ‘great’ is undeniable, and Ioniq can proudly join the rich legacy they’ve established for many decades. Imagining how your workspace would benefit from SitOnIt’s Ioniq? We look forward to designing something great with you.



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