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Versteel introduces Immix- a creative, eye-catching, and modular benching system that has been designed to create unique seating areas through the combination of curved and rectangular sections. Futuristic yet classic at the same time, Immix is the result of innovative thinking and can provide the flex areas around your professional space with ample seating that communicates a progressive approach. The various sections of tables, seating, and diverse upholstery textures and shapes all combine to create unique seating areas for your guests to enjoy- while simultaneously offering power and data capabilities. Innix can also be specified with custom options such as signature finishes, large padded bolsters on seating arms, and more. Thoughtful, versatile, and timeless, Immix offers a chance to re-approach your firm’s welcoming areas with exciting, fresh design- and we look forward to the opportunity to bring the collection to you.


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