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Darran Furniture presents an innovative approach to workstations within the modern office with Honey- a thoughtfully designed, creative-forward system that has won Best of NeoCon awards. Honey describes a few different systems of workstations, all with unique features but each retaining the concept of shared spaces with individual private zones. Honey 90*, Honey 120*, and Honey Flex are different versions of the suite, each providing variations of linear and geometric setups with beautifully designed panels, angled work surfaces, and everything needed to focus and concentrate on the day. Highly customizable, Honey desks and their associated sound dampening panels can be designed to reflect the style and personality of your firm, and with the Honey Buzz and Honey Bizz seating collections, the different and modular combinations of seating that pair with Honey workstations augment these creative work areas to create beautiful, sophisticated, and playful offices that communicate the essence of what the modern workplace is today. Take a moment to explore the various Honey collections, and imagine how they might transform your office- when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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