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Fuse Storage

We spend a lot of our time each week at our workplaces- so naturally, they should reflect our personal style. Enter Fuse Storage, from Hon. A thoughtful and wonderfully designed collection that takes personal storage to the next level, Hon’s Fuse line of products introduces a new approach to ‘personal space’ by providing a range of pedestals, drawers, and accessories that are “all about you.” Featuring larger-sized drawers designed to accommodate a wide array of life items and personal effects, Fuse makes being at the desk easier by considering the little things. Accessory trays that tame the chaos of ‘the junk drawer,’ bag hooks, padded box seats atop pedestals, Fuse “keeps you organized even in small spaces.” Fuse’s featured pedestals are available many different sizes, and the hanging cubbies in the collection mount underneath height-adjustable surfaces for space-saving, clever and efficient service. Aside from the efficiency, each Fuse piece is offered in a beautiful color palette that boasts more than 20 different colors- bringing fun, life, and vibrancy to your desk. Collections like Fuse demonstrate a true understanding of the little things, and put a new spin on products that influence how it feels to be at work- a perspective only evident from decades of serving office environments. Contact us today to begin designing your new space with the Fuse Collection.



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