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New from OFS is Fleet- a collection of stylish and modern furniture designed to enhance teamwork within the modern office. An answer to the common occurrence of unplanned and informal meetings, Fleet offers fun and interesting pieces intended for quick, on the fly collaboration. Designed for OFS by Webb Associates, Fleet provides an inspired collection of tables, seating, and planters that reflect the need for spaces where a team can assemble for the quick and impromptu exchange of ideas. Surfaces of varying heights and lengths are offered in lively colors and in nontraditional shapes- creating new and thought provoking spaces that echo the comfort of residential environments paired with the design harmony found in an open plan office. Great looking planters offer inspiration and vitality, and thoughtful seating options further complete the collection by providing comfortable places to sit and perch. As our working habits change over time, collections like Fleet gracefully respond to the need for versatility- and succeed in doing so. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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