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KFI Studios have recently revealed the Ambitions Desk- a beautiful new offering produced in collaboration with their Danish partners, Umage. Ambitions' fresh and refined design is the result of creative harmony between KFI’s furniture experience and Umage’s Scandinavian design aesthetics. Featuring a unique and immediately recognizable style, Ambitions looks stunning and is also highly functional, featuring hidden drawers and wire management qualities that keep the desk’s elegant silhouette uncluttered. Designed to fit in small spaces, Ambitions desk’s smooth looks and inviting lines are the result of a balanced mix of oak laminated veneer and powder-coated steel, giving it a light yet strong aura that will remain timeless. Paired with other great KFI products such as the Roqa Chair or Hang Out table, your space can quickly become contemporary and refined. Available in gorgeous oak or dark oak finishes, the Ambitions desk can be an excellent addition to your professional space or work from home environment- we look forward to helping bring it to you.



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