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Acoustical Solutions

New for Spring 2022, HON presents a new collection of acoustic screens that have been engineered to absorb and diffuse sound across workplaces. Designed by Unika Vaev, the collection includes a wide array of free standing, wall mounted, ceiling hung, and floor affixed panels that offer stylish and modern aesthetics while providing the important function of dampening noise levels within the office. While a productive workplace often features many different sounds coming from many different places, too much of it can distract and hinder productivity. HON’s expertly designed and award winning acoustical solutions not only reduce the overwhelming sonic field, but the dramatic and stunning visual appearance of the screens offer great opportunities to stylize the office with interesting, beautiful ambiance. A great synthesis of form and function, the wide variety of styles, patterns, fabrics, and materials are made even more valuable by the job that they provide of reducing the clamor of a professional environment. With these acoustical panels, greater focus and sonic privacy can be achieved within the workplace- while offering a chance to enjoy new and sophisticated styles. Take a moment to imagine how your office might evolve with the help of these enhancements, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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