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Happy New Year from all of us at Mason Inc! Wishing health and happiness to all, and a safe and productive year ahead. The always superb Rouillard have revealed their first offering for the 2021 year- introducing Waly, a collection of protective screens that offer safe barriers between people without creating feelings of confinement that disrupt your workplace’s existing ambiance. Providing comfortable yet safe zones for our coworkers and clients is imperative to responsible and modern business practices, and Waly’s evolutionary design does so with a gorgeous synthesis of form and function. Creating something both clinical and aesthetically pleasing is a tough challenge, one that Rouillard's designers completely accomplished- Waly’s screens blend with your current environment seamlessly, and quickly become almost unnoticeable while providing protection and demonstrating your firm’s effort to minimize possible contamination. Waly is available in two different versions, a tabletop and a podium model- and with full or pass through screens, ensuring their helpfulness around your place of business. The minimal design allows for an easy movement around your space, and the friendly, light-feeling style creates a calming atmosphere that invites natural interaction while providing discreet precaution. Starting the year with a practical collection, Rouillard’s Waly can make a classy yet effective addition to your work environment- and we look forward to helping Waly become a part of your business’ new look for 2021.



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