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Group Lacasse’s Stad offers an abundance of possibilities- a complete furniture system with applications for all kinds of environments. Stad’s thoughtful design finds many ways to promote the user’s individual personality into their furniture- evident of Lacasse’s fluidity, expertise, and awareness of today’s changing workplaces. As many professionals are working from home offices more than ever before, Stad’s huge array of modern furnishings offers a chance to make the work experience better with expertly designed pieces that elevate the home office into a light, pleasant atmosphere that invites productivity and encourages comfort. Featuring many different height adjustable worksurfaces, lots of storage cabinets, seating options including modular poufs, and many more pieces, Stad offers a chance to look forward to entering the work environment because it echoes many of the comforts that our homes provide. The crisp design lines combined with mixed textures and materials brings rich character to Stad’s pieces- and this eclectic use of different design inspirations provides a chance to refine the work experience, wherever it takes place- at home, with others at work, or anywhere. So many different possibilities exist in combining Stad’s pieces, with lots of shapes, sizes, materials, finishes, etc- the potential for the your perfect working environment is extremely high. Consider taking the time to review what Lacasse’s Stad can offer you- and when the time is right, together we can collaborate in designing the best possible furnishings for your office, wherever it may be.



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