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Humanscale presents Path- ‘the Chair for Every Body.’ Path joins Humanscale’s rich lineup featuring some of the best seating on the market- their expertise in combining ergonomics and aesthetic beauty is second to none. Path's designer Todd Bracher has pioneered a futuristic and now-patented technology with Path- an adjustment system that automatically responds to body movement, resulting in a thoughtful and advanced counterbalancing system that avoids bulky controls often featured on other seating. This system results in the chair moving with the body ‘in complete harmony,’ providing long term comfort that prevents fatigue and contributes to a more productive professional experience. Path also is kind to the environment, its FormSense Eco Knit technology is comprised of upcycled plastics. Available in a wide array of beautiful textiles and rich leathers too, Path is truly an innovative masterpiece of seating excellence. Take a moment to explore the chair, and when you’re ready, we look forward to an opportunity to bring Path to your firm. 


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