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Via Seating have recently revealed their exciting new task chair series- Onda. Exciting for the long established chair company, but also a reason for us to be excited, Onda is Via’s first ever all mesh chair- this means great things for our bodies and for the aesthetics of our workplaces. Meaning “Wave,” Onda is a perfect synthesis of form and function- no compromises were made to favor ergonomic comfort over style, as both considerations were developed and refined by Via Seating’s in house design team, Studio V. Once seated, Onda offers immediately recognized comfort and support- and is available in mid back, high back, and in a task stool too, ensuring the perfect Onda style for all within the workplace. Many different advanced and adjustable control mechanisms come standard, allowing Onda to cradle and support the user based on their preferred ergonomics, in turn decreasing body fatigue throughout the day and contributing to healthier work habits. And Onda has already achieved recognition- winner of an Adex Platinum Award for 2021 and also a Design Journal Best of 2020 award- both hallmarks for sure, yet also reputable accolades showing Onda’s greatness. Take a moment to review some of Onda’s features and style options- and when you’re ready, we look forward to helping bring Onda to you and your workplace.


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