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Global unveils Erin- a great new series of guest chairs that combine work, learning, and wellness with mid-century design. Erin’s exciting contour is the result of Global’s many years of experience in healthcare and educational environments- equal parts fun, comfort, and practicality that offer a lasting, durable performance. Featuring plenty of qualities that complete a variety of interior spaces, Erin’s seamless, stylish design embodies a vibrant spirit that expresses its vitality through its shape and vivid use of color. Best suited for places with advanced healthcare formalities, Erin is easy to clean and can be specified with different kinds of glide options that are compatible with many flooring styles. Available with or without arms, Erin can also be specified with wood or metal legs that can be painted or even plated to feature a beautiful, elegant luster. Erin can bring a new dimension of excitement and comfort to your work, educational zone, or healthcare environment- we look forward to designing something great with you.


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