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Lochlyn from National

National Office Furniture's new offering for spacial organization has been revealed- introducing Lochlyn, a storage and shelving system that organizes while providing aesthetically pleasing partitions. Lochlyn "Establish(es) space division while displaying inspiration," through the innovative use of a metal frame with cubbies within. Available in a variety of sizes both large and small, Lochlyn allows for the personalization of workspaces by promoting a residential feel- the individuality of the user can be showcased through the use of many surfaces and cubbies, creating a unique environment while not sectioning off quadrants like traditional walls do. Hinged on the modern concept of open plan offices bringing people together, Lochlyn allows for private zones to exist without the sequestered use of doors- and some of the wall-mounted shelving options within the Lochlyn Collection further play with the idea of form and function by providing the architecture and letting the user decide how to best utilize the space. Lochlyn also includes the option of open top and open back laminate drawers, increasing the variety of materials to provide texture and presentation. Available in black or silver and in a great range of sizes, Lochlyn can certainly assist in transforming your workplace into a community of interesting, wall-less areas of productivity and individuality. A great collection employing thoughtful design to end the 2019 year for National- contact us and we can begin to design a Lochlyn addition for your office.


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