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STAD Collection from Group Lacasse

Winner of the 2017 Good Design Award, Group Lacasse’s STAD collection continues to meet the demands of modern open-plan workplaces through its adaptability and thoughtful design. Featuring a fluid integration of collaborative zones and meeting areas with private-focused spaces for individual concentration, STAD’s user-oriented design promotes the comfort and well being of all who occupy the workplace. Shared worksurfaces and storage systems invite communication through design- asymmetrical, airy lateral surfaces encourage personal space without creating divisions, and impromptu meeting areas scattered throughout the office facilitate dialogue without the need for formal conference room environments. STAD’s modern tech and ergonomic furniture assist workplace health through simulating the comfort of home- soft poufs for sitting on and height adjustable surfaces break up the rigidity of sitting at a fixed workspace for the duration of the day. The light footprint of storage systems and the use of mixed materials provides lightness without sacrificing professionalism, and many of STAD’s pieces can be easily reconfigured for maximum ergonomic success. A huge amount of customization is possible through STAD’s seemingly endless material, finish, and upholstery options, ensuring the most custom fit for your office’s needs. We look forward to helping design the best space possible for your office with Group Lacasse’s STAD collection.


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