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HON- Concinnity

HON’s Concinnity Collection is an adaptable suite of office furniture that caters to the individual user experience through its versatility. Concinnity’s many different pieces and customizable options allow for a wide array of personalization within individual spaces- all without sacrificing coherent style within an office. By “supporting the needs of many, while indulging every individual,” Concinnity’s depth of desks, tables, and storage components allow for a varied yet harmonized feel within the workplace. Helping each space to function as a vicinity for both focus and collaboration, the benching, reception, open-plan, and collaborative styles supported by the Concinnity Collection help offices to to achieve more collective experiences by unifying different groups within the office. Available with thousands of possible configurations and in dozens of different surfaces, finishes, and other design options, the huge amount of Concinnity’s customizable details is nothing short of remarkable. Like what you see? We look forward to collaborating with your office to find the perfect Concinnity furnishings.


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