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OFS' Element

OFS’s new Element collection of reception furniture offers great introduction spaces that elegantly invite guests into your world. As lobbies and foyer spaces are the first places that guests and customers enter, making a positive impression through welcoming and impressive furniture is paramount. OFS have realized the importance of promoting sophistication through professional, aesthetically pleasing furniture and Element is a full representation of this virtue. Equally ideal for education, healthcare, and business spaces, Element features a wide range of material options, veneers, and surface finishes with a full range of components to synthesize and custom tailor the reception furniture for your space. The sleek, clean lines utilized within Element are a great way to let your guests know their presence in your space is important. With L and U shaped desks, double and triple transaction counter capabilities, and floating return options, Element’s highly versatile design can seriously upgrade your reception space- we look forward to helping you design the most successful configuration of OFS’ Element for you.


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