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Bloom Collection by Kimball

No matter the setting, Bloom fits right in. Boasting graceful curves and refined shaping, Bloom offers an attractive setting to sit down, share ideas, or simply relax. Together, Bloom’s chair and tables can be placed just about anywhere—from reception areas, to lounge spaces, to open offices.

A Collection That Charms

Casual while being sophisticated, Bloom fits comfortably in a variety of settings. United by the same base design, the lounge chair offers a tailored seat with optional contrasting fabric, while the occasional tables come in a range of shapes, heights, and materials.


· Four-star base in light brushed solid aluminum

· Tables available in laminate, veneer, solid surface, and back-painted white glass

· End tables offered in round, square, and soft square

· Magazine tables available in square, soft square, rectangular, soft rectangular, and ellipse

· Pull-up table available in soft rectangular

· Auto-return mechanism brings the chair back to original position when the user exits

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