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Evolve Systems

From Global:

Engineered for the way people work, Evolve meets the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace. Featuring a crisp and clean aesthetic, Evolve is designed to provide limitless planning possibilities for greater return on investment. Collaborative solutions achieve their efficiency by making an organization’s most important asset, their people, their most productive asset. The Evolve System is a perfect complement to the many demands of collaborative work environments offering a wide range of panel types, storage elements, worksurface configurations and finishes.

Evolve’s panels can be stacked and switched for maximum flexibility and reconfiguration. Panels also integrate ‘plug and play’ connectivity at the worksurface and offer wire management to meet any power and data requirements. A range of ergonomic worksurfaces and practical storage options enable cost-effective planning. Tempered glass partitions diffuse desktop equipment and provide a visual separation without interrupting interaction acrossthe workstations.

Promote collaboration, while retaining a sense of individual space.The simplicity and flexibility of Evolve’s design enables reconfiguration of a space with the same components to keep long-term costs low. Evolve’s comprehensive product offering creates complete office landscapes that can adapt to change. Furniture for today, flexibility for tomorrow.

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