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New Axis side chair from Source International


Source International’s Axis is a new side/guest chair that is “timeless in design and limitless in application: a 'classic' multipurpose chair with high seating comfort." Axis has a contoured shell providing optimum comfort for numerous applications. It can be used as a guest side chair for meeting, conference, and recreational purposes.

Its materials consist of a laminate wood shell in combination with a metal frame. It gives Axis a "warm yet robust character,” says designer Just Meyer. The Axis side chair can be specified with multiple options – a full exposed wood shell with nine stain or 11 paint options or the fully upholstered version. All series stack for flexibility and functionality.

Even with this new product, Source International maintains its dedication to offering high design furniture at an affordable price. With this clean, minimalist design, Axis continues their tradition of strong aesthetics and attention to detail.

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