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Escofet Outdoor Seating available via Landscapeforms

Escofet is a manufacturer of exquisite outdoor seating and other products made of cast stone. Some of their gorgeous products are available in the United States via Landscapeforms. Sillarga and Sicurta are examples of public seating being public art.

Sillarga is a cast stone recliner produced as a single piece for reasons of use, dimensions and weight. Coinciding with the idea of individualizing street furniture, it seems closer and more accessible to users. It provides a very efficient solution to the problem of usage in severe environments with vandalism, harsh climates or theft.

Sillarga seems to call for familiar company: Sicurta. This is a reinforced stone seat that shares the comfort and the ergonomic shape of Sillarga. In both cases, the design proposes a new type of usage and occupation of city spaces, which strives to replace the rigid linearality predisposed by traditional typologies with more open, flexible alternatives, to facilitate more spontaneous, colloquial relations.

Sillarga and Sicurta were created for Escofet in 1996 by industrial designers.

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