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Zetti + Zetti Nalto Tables

Rouillard’s impressive furnishings beautify environments with elegance and sophistication- and now they offer us two incredible table series, the Zetti and Zetti Nalto tables. Through a balanced combination of craftsmanship and utility, these series’ timelessness is apparent even at first glance. Zetti offers mid century modern aesthetics that are available in a variety of interesting, different shapes and in many different heights and leg styles- creating a dynamic capability suitable for a vast array of environments. Conference/collaborative areas, lounge spaces, even side/accent table purposes are all spaces that Zetti models can excel within. The newer Zetti Nalto series provides collaborative tables that combine gorgeous surfaces with several creative leg styles and material options- the result being a welcoming, comfortable, and artful combination of lines and textures that can elevate and beautify places people come together within the office. Rouillard’s tables are in a class of their own- we are proud to offer the high-caliber synthesis of form and function that their pieces embody. Tons of specifiable details and custom options exist within both of these table series- we look forward to designing something great with you and Rouillard’s Zetti and Zetti Nalto Tables.



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