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Scandinavian Spaces presents BOB Biz- a new collection of privacy-themed workspaces for modern office environments. BOB Biz comes from the Blå Station design firm, and created in effort to provide intimate spaces for collaboration and concentration within larger, open spaces. The one, two, and four seater options feature inviting, plush, sound-dampening partitions that immediately evoke a cozy feel. These podlike spaces offer a chance to reduce the cacophony within a noisy office setting, providing a focused little zone without the need for doors or more enclosed, formal rooms. Many gorgeous and expertly designed options are specifiable, including various table shapes, sizes, and finishes, as well as armrests, hooks, and casters. Take a moment to explore this thoughtful new series from Scandinavian Spaces, and we look forward to an opportunity to bring BOB Biz to your office. 


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