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National Office Furniture presents Whirl- a new and versatile seating collection for all aspects of your workplace. Featuring task seating, guest chairs, stools, conference style seating and more, Whirl’s different styles are all unified through coherent design and perfect for all of the different areas within your workplace. Offered in a large variety of different mesh back colors, each of the different kinds of Whirl seating offer unmatched comfort and pronounced style. While each Whirl chair provides ergonomic support, the Whirl task models feature adjustable lumbar support, adjustable back height, and lots of different arm styles and choices. All black frame options provide a sleek, sophisticated aura, and the

the total versatility of the collection is a sure choice for bringing uniform aesthetics to the different zones of your firm. Offering variety, great looks, and sustained comfort, Whirl can help invite a whole new style to your work atmosphere- and we look forward to bringing it to you.


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