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Weitz is National Office Furniture’s new height adjustable stool- a very practical seating solution for the modern workplace. Featuring the ability to pivot a full 360 degrees, Weitz allows shifting body movements and freedom of motion through its engineered design. With a simple in-use adjustment by way of a sophisticated leather strap, Weitz can rise from desk to bar height simply, making it a worthy and adaptable tool for the average day at work where sitting and standing alternates throughout the day. Additionally, Weitz is the obvious pairing to the height adjustable worksurfaces that many of our professional spaces have evolved towards. Having the flexibility to also be leaned against and perched upon is ergonomically ideal too, as our bodies prefer to have the option to reposition whenever so inclined. Designed to immediately reflex to our moves, Weitz contributes to a more focused and productive work experience by removing the squirmy discomfort element of rigid seating. Available in a wide variety of upholstery choices, Weitz is perfect for many impromptu seating environments within the office but also in other places such as classrooms, universities, medical environments, and anywhere that activities are happening quickly and on the fly. Weitz’s potential contribution to your more flexible posture cannot be understated- we look forward to designing something great with you and National’s Weitz.



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