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Ending the year with a strong collection, KFI Studios present Tioga- a seating line to complete a variety of different environments. Designed by Union Design, Tioga is part minimalist, part mid-century, and fully refined. It’s simplified design draws attention wherever you decide to put it- the steel frame and its uninterrupted back contour allows the chair’s silhouette to ‘flow seamlessly,’ and both the curved seat and back rest have been engineered to provide maximum ergonomic comfort. Tioga’s unassuming style looks great wherever your firm or institution sees fit- it is specifiable as a guest seating, for lounge applications, and in both counter and bar heights, too- combined, all of these similar but different Tioga editions can provide a uniform feel around your establishment. Tioga’s seat and back materials are available in a large variety of finishes and textures, and the frame is offered with or without arms and casters, ensuring a look and feel to best represent your style. Take a moment to explore Tioga, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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