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JSI introduces Teekan- a new series of lounge furnishings to complete nearly any interior space. Teekan offers visual simplicity through its clean design lines- its one, two, and three seater pieces achieve a refined form that communicates confidence and beauty. Oversized plush cushions provide a great place to reset, and Teekan’s ottoman can bring additional levels of relaxation to lounge environments. When combined, Teekan pieces combine to build a sophisticated collaborative setting, and it’s residential-like aesthetic invites a calm that can balance the bustle of a busy office. Many fabric choices are present, and beautiful details can be specified to further personalize Teekan for your space, such as quilted cushions and a wide array of stained wood arm caps. Several attractive leg styles are available on all Teekan pieces, including a great looking sled base that summons mid-century design. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing a great lounge area with you and JSI’s Teekan.


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