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Strut Legs

Indiana Furniture have revealed a stunning new leg style that be specified with their tabletops- the Strut Leg. The Strut’s visually impressive design is immediately noticeable- the boldness of great furniture stands out and requires no introduction. Featuring a minimalist design, Strut’s modern looks can transform any regular worksurface into a piece of fine art, making the room around it feel different. The clean design lines and angular positioning invite a visual dialogue that keeps the eye traveling around the uniquely shaped legs, and this juxtaposition of a table’s flat top with the diagonal support Strut embodies creates a permanent sense of beauty that can be marveled at every time the furniture is gazed upon. Strut’s timeless design is evident of expert engineering and vision, and proof of a deeper understanding of how furniture ‘feels’ in an environment. Available in aluminum or black, the Strut Leg can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, from desks to conference tables, round tabletops to side tables- all made more dazzling and prestigious with the addition of the Strut Leg. Strut is another excellent modern design offering from Indiana Furniture- we look forward to the opportunity to integrate Strut’s exquisite form into your environment.



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