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Spirit Collection

Indiana Furniture’s Spirit Collection offers a full range of seating solutions for a wide variety of purposes around the office. Featuring lounge options, guest seating, executive models, and much more, Spirit’s inviting variety of shapes and usage of comfortable seat contour promotes the collection as a great furnishing choice within the office environment. The collection includes Spirit Lite, Spirit Lounge, and Spirit Tables- each with a different twist on the Spirit design. Depending on their purpose, the multiple base styles and back height options easily satisfy both ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. Wireframe and elegant wood bases provide interesting designs while ensuring lasting comfort, and the depth of upholstery options is abundant, ensuring the custom look and feel your office’s uniqueness requires. Pairing the many Spirit choices with Spirit Tables is a sure shot for design harmony within your zone. Like what you see? Let’s design something great together with Indiana’s Spirit Collection.



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