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SitOnIt Home Edition

Mason Inc. is proud to offer SitOnIt Seating’s new Work From Home Edition- a smooth and refined collection of furniture solutions geared specifically for your home office. Featuring a curated selection of SitOnIt’s popular pieces, the Home Edition includes a handful of great options selected to maximize the working from home experience. By providing excellent and affordable chairs, desks, filing options, and helpful accessories, SitOnIt’s professional looks can elevate the feel of the home office, making it more efficient while not disrupting the cozy comforts of home. SitOnIt’s best-selling Wit and Novo chairs are offered as part of the collection, as are the stylish Reya and Switchback tables, and each are available with many different options to ensure their smooth integration with the style you’ve already got going on at home. By using the link provided, you can save even more through our unique dealer status, and we are always willing to deliver and install the products you select for your new home office.



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