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Global’s renowned modular lounge series is better than ever! River+ has achieved high levels of success in the three big categories where lounge pieces are most crucial- workplace, education, and healthcare environments. Continually improving, River+ has received many awards and evolves to meet the demands of the world. Now with three back heights, many different seat heights, and all kinds of geometric configurations, it is more versatile than before and better at what it was designed to do- offer great places for people ‘to convene, relax, and intersect.’ Also new is the option for River+’s Media Hearths, which support meetings and presentations that involve mounted screens. Many different pieces, options, and sizes are featured within the collection, and a huge array of material/fabric choices are possible to ensure the best design possible for your firm’s identity. Take a moment to peruse the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and River+.


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