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Revo + Voyage

Global Furniture Group introduce Revo and Voyage- two new task lights to help us work smarter and healthier. As we spend many hours a week working beneath fluorescent lighting, the need for alternative light sources that give our eyes a rest is crucial. Enter Revo, with its round head design, and Voyage, with its beak-like silhouette- two desktop task lighting solutions that provide high quality LED lighting exactly where we need it. The aesthetically minimal designed, fully articulating body of both models allow for a stationary glow, but also offer an easy to adjust arm that can be spotlighted for more precisely focused illumination. Both Revo and Voyage come equipped with some thoughtful, built in technology- features such as touch and hold dimmer control, operated by a single finger, allows for the easy and custom adjustment of light quality from 15-100%, and both task lights automatically shut off after ten hours of use. Additional helpful options such as double arm models of both Revo and Voyage offer even more articulation, and an optional built in USB charging port can make desk work easier. Both task lights are made from almost totally recycled materials, and are offered in white, silver and black finishes, and can even be mounted to the desk with surface or clamp mounts. A great task lamp can be a very helpful tool while working- Revo and Voyage are ready to light up your desk.



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