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Group Lacasse’s United Chair label introduces Rackup- a collection of versatile seating solutions perfect for a variety of environments. Rackup’s main quality is the flexible backrest- it’s molded design offers up to 22 degrees of tilt and provides sustainable, lasting comfort during the workday. Through it’s backwards bending axis, Rackup’s flexibility gives the user the option to determine the most ergonomic positioning for their body, and allows subtle, fatigue-reducing changes to their posture while seated. Great for large, open-plan environments, as well as private offices and conference seating, Rackup is also offered as a stool with a footrest- increasing the usefulness around your office for activities such as drafting, training, educational environments, collaboration and more- a nesting model is also available for impromptu meetings, and collapses into other Rackups for quick and compact storage. Available with many different fabric, finish, and upholstery options, Rackup can bring a lot to your firm. Take a moment to explore the different Rackup models, and when you’re ready, we look forward to bringing the collection to your office.


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