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Group Lacasse’s United Chair label presents Rackup- a great collection of versatile seating options new for Spring 2021. Featuring three different chair styles that are all offered with or without arms, Rackup provides exceptional comfort and pronounced style with enough options to offer seating solutions to many diverse environments. All three of the models feature a flexible mesh backrest that can tilt up to 22 degrees- demonstrating immediate and sustained comfort during the seating experience. Perfect for classrooms and training areas, drafting and lab work, sustained focus at a desk, and much more, Rackup models include nesting chairs, light task chairs, and stools, each with armless or molded fixed arm specifications, tons of different seat fabric and material choices, and five different mesh backrest colors. Portable seating needs with easy storage potential, permanent daily use solutions, and specialized bench activities that require higher perching can all benefit from the simplicity and capability of the variations within this great and affordable collection. To make Rackup even more helpful, each of the three models feature heavy duty casters to ensure effortless motion throughout the work space. Rackup’s options offer lots of advantages to help work be more comfortable- and we look forward to helping determine the most suitable models for your space.



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