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AIS’ reputable PowerBeam system of modern workbenches has received a substantial design upgrade with the addition of height adjustable surfaces. Introducing Encounter PowerBench- a healthier, more ergonomic approach to the office. Many wellness studies have indicated that switching the body’s posture multiple times a day is not only better for physical health but contributes to greater morale and productivity, too- when the body is fatigued, the mind follows. Encounter PowerBench offers the established qualities of PowerBeam, including the great looking metal H-Leg bases that are specifiable in many wonderful colors, yet with independent, programmable raising and lowering capability. Many different styles and arrangements are possible with PowerBench, and the numerous design options ensure a suitable compatibility with your firm’s existing style. Take a moment to consider how this suite could enhance and improve your professional environment and the health of your team- and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you and AIS’ PowerBench.

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