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Indiana Furniture introduces Polka- an exciting modular seating collection that “Puts the fun in functional.” Designed to enhance many different kinds of environments, Polka is the result of a collaboration between Jason Lansdale and Edge Design, and features gentle ‘waterfall’ seats that provide a wide, low to the ground stance with plenty of soft curves and interesting shapes. Designed to complete atriums, lobbies, and collaborative spaces, Polka’s five different asymmetrical shapes invite lightness and intrigue to the spaces they occupy. Polka’s curvy shapes pair wonderfully with the linear architecture common in many buildings, the contrast providing an aesthetically pleasing visual dialogue that can be admired continually. These great lounge pieces feature a modular design that can satisfy spaces both large and small, so everything from modest firms to giant places such as airports can enjoy their light-feeling style. Polka’s legs and seats are offered in a dozen different finishes and materials to ensure a style coherence within your space. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to designing something great with you.


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