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Kimball International expands their catalog of thoughtfully designed and practical accessories with the arrival of Perks- a collection of products that “make better use of every bit of your workspace.” Designed by longtime Kimball creator Jay Henriott, Perks offers a wide ranging array of expertly refined pieces for the modern work area. Modern, ergonomic, and artful, Perks includes timeless and interestingly designed power and data modules in both mounted and portable/freestanding models, each built with a synthesis of style and function. Many other products span the Perks collection too, such as brilliant desk enhancements like clocks, instrument holders, picture frames, lighting, shelves and more- all unified by strong and coherent design that will keep your space both attractive and organized. Take a moment to explore Perks eclectic beauty, and when you're ready, we look forward to bringing the collection to your workspace.


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