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Nora Shelving

From the minds at the Davis Design Team comes Nora Shelving- a great looking, practical solution to shelving needs around the professional environment. Adequate storage is a never ending necessity in our offices, and Davis has responded to this need with this collection of sleek, modern shelves in many different horizontal and vertical sizes. Highly versatile, Nora features a powder coated aluminum frame that is specifiable in a wide variety of colors and backing veneers. The many sizes of Nora Shelving can be used as space saving partitions around the office, and the choice of veneer backing or aluminum mesh can provide a light feeling atmosphere due to holes that allow sunlight to pass through them. A beautiful yet functional way to organize your office’s layout, Nora can do a lot to satisfy various needs around your firm. Take a moment to explore the collection, and when you’re ready, we look forward to an opportunity to bring Nora Shelving to your office.


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